iPad 截屏


The AptixAR platform connects your remote workforce and your experts in 3D space. Your experts are able to provide both real time and asynchronous feedback directly into the workspace. This isn't just a tool for marking up video calls: AptixAR brings your expertise into the field without ever leaving the office.

The iOS app is used by remote workers to connect to experts, and by experts to build out assets in the field. Users can accept and initiate video calls augmented by experts in 3d space, in real time or asynchronously. Users can capture photos, chat with experts, and perform assembly, inspection, maintenance, repair, calibration, or any other task.

PLEASE NOTE: An active subscription to AptixAR is required to utilize the app.

App 隐私

开发者“Interaptix”表示,此 App 的隐私规范可能包含以下处理数据的方式。 有关更多信息,请参阅开发者隐私政策


开发者不会从此 App 中收集任何数据。



  • 家人共享

    启用“家人共享”后,此 App 最多可供 6 名家庭成员使用。