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Jyotish For All is a uniquely designed platform bringing to you a set of highly experienced and
renowned astrologers who share their passion for using Vedic astrology as a tool to benefit the
masses. All of our astrologers, Prashna Kundali experts, numerologists and Vaastu practitioners are
carefully chosen after a rigorous and lengthy process based on their experience, ability, and
communication skills.
Our subject matter experts consider themselves to be counsellors or spiritual life guides who share
our belief of educating all our customers who approach us and then proceed towards solving their
problems. They not only answer your questions but also provide you with the right kind of course
correction. Jyotish For All is the platform where an astrologer becomes your life guide. We are also
perhaps the only platform, which offers Ayurvedic consultation in addition to providing astrological
and allied services.
We have a team of passionate and energetic professionals working round the clock to provide high-
quality service to our customers. We help those who seek spiritual solutions in their quest to better
their lives. Please feel free to reach out to us at any point in time.

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