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Anyone can program dash and dot with the icon-based commands in Blockly Jr.!

Blockly Jr. is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool developed by FifthWisdom Technology Limited. Its icon-based commands allow everyone, even young children and the elderly to snap together commands like puzzle pieces. Take on coding challenges and invent your own creations by using Blockly Jr. to control Dash & Dot!

Blockly Jr. is easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful. Young kids can learn basic coding concepts like sequencing, events and loops, before being able to read! Basic puzzles teach the concepts of coding through playful project ideas, allowing kids to learn and explore all on their own.

Kids can confidently embark on their own coding adventures with their newfound knowledge, a dash of creativity, and robot buddies - Dash & Dot. Learn to code and start exploring Computer Science now!


版本 1.0

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1 个评分

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