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Blockquote is an editor for Markdown and plain text documents that puts you in full control. Full support for the Files app means you can work with your documents your way. View, create, and edit Markdown and plain text documents in any app that supports the Files app, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, iCloud, Box, git repositories, WebDAV servers, and more!*


> Full support for iOS 12 and the Files app
Blockquote integrates so well with iOS that you'll forget how you managed without it. And support for the Files app means you can open the same document in more than one app at the same time. Get creative with your workflows - Blockquote is flexible enough to handle it!

> Markdown thumbnails in Files app
View thumbnails of the contents of your Markdown documents in the Files app so you can recognize your files at a glance.

> Automatically open and view Markdown files in Blockquote
Tapping on a Markdown document in the Files app will immediately open it in Blockquote.

> Comprehensive Markdown support
Blockquote supports:
- headers
- emphasis
- strong
- underline
- strike-through
- links
- automatic linking
- ordered and unordered lists
- check lists
- inline and block preformatted text
- images (remote only)
- tables
- block quotes
- quotes
- horizontal rules
- LaTeX (premium upgrade required)

> Live preview
A side-by-side preview lets you see exactly what your Markdown document looks like as you type it.

> Flexible interface
Easily view your Markdown document as plain-text or as rendered HTML with a quick tap of a button.

> Clean design
Few, intelligently placed buttons are there when you need them and easily ignored when you don't.

> Robust text editor
A fast, clean editing experience means you'll love using Blockquote for working with all of your plain text files.

> Auto-save
Blockquote was designed to protect your documents first-and-foremost. Quit the app at any time and it will save your document for you. Work with large files with ease and confidence.

> Split View and Slide Over support for iPad
Multitasking is built into Blockquote with Split View and Slide Over support.

> Absolutely no privacy-invading ads
Use Blockquote confidently knowing that no ads will track your every movement.

> Good privacy practices
Blockquote comes with a strict and narrow privacy policy. There are no analytics in Blockquote and I don't collect any data from your usage of the app.

Premium Features (purchased with a one-time payment):

> Get rid of upgrade reminders
Use Blockquote without any interruptions and gain several useful features.

> Export Markdown to HTML and PDF
Take advantage of Markdown's versatility and export your documents to HTML and PDF files, complete with CSS.

> Print formatted Markdown files
Great for shopping lists and to-do's.

> Syntax highlighting
Work on your Markdown documents effortlessly with syntax highlighting in the editor.

> LaTeX support
Write LaTeX math right alongside your Markdown to get the best of both worlds: easy formatting of Markdown with the power of LaTeX.

> Do more from the keyboard with keyboard shortcuts
Navigate the app efficiently with keyboard shortcuts so you can work on your documents with fewer interruptions.

> Be more productive with a Markdown keyboard
Quickly type hashtags, dashes, and more with an easy-to-use Markdown keyboard.

> Markdown themes
Choose from 13 different hand-crafted themes to display your Markdown.

> Access to future premium features
Upgrade once and get all future updates.

> Support a student's education
I'm an independent developer and student who makes apps that I find useful and hope you do too.

*Third party apps and accounts are required for access to cloud services. Blockquote by itself does not provide any cloud functionality.

Blockquote is not affiliated with nor endorsed by John Gruber or Markdown.


版本 2.0.0

Markdown Pro is now Blockquote! This version has a ton of new features and fixes! Without further ado, here's what's new:

- [NEW] Syntax highlighting in the editor! Requires the premium upgrade. (Thanks to user feedback!)
- [NEW] Find links to Blockquote's Twitter and Mastodon from the About page in the app.
- [IMPROVED] Settings are now located in the Settings app. You can find a convenient shortcut in Blockquote that will take you right to Blockquote's settings.
- [IMPROVED] Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle LaTeX rendering and syntax highlighting, change the theme, and open Blockquote's settings.
- [IMPROVED] You can now show and hide the Markdown keyboard on iPad by tapping the Symbols button along the top of the keyboard. (Thanks to user feedback!)
- [IMPROVED] New documents are now created as plain text files by default. When creating a new document, you have the option to specify a custom file type.
- [IMPROVED] Now you can compose and send an me an email right from the app. Just go to About > Contact to begin composing an email with the To and Subject fields prefilled for you.
- [IMPROVED] Improvements to LaTeX parsing. Specifically, LaTeX must be enclosed by LaTeX delimiters, such as $, and must be followed by a space. In 99% of normal usage, LaTeX rendering should not behave any differently than it did. This change is only to prevent rendering sequences such as prices as LaTeX.
- [IMPROVED] More informative error dialogs.
- [IMPROVED] Document handling is much more robust. Specifically, Blockquote better handles conflicts. The app is also better at handling situations where a document is being edited and read simultaneously by other apps. That means you can more confidently edit a document in your favorite text-editing app and preview the Markdown in Blockquote all at the same time!
- [IMPROVED] Blockquote now uses markdown-it to process Markdown. This should eliminate most of the bugs that arise from certain uncommon Markdown sequences, such as several consecutive horizontal rules.
- [IMPROVED] A lot of behind-the-scenes improvements. These aren't apparent from using the app, but they set the stage for future improvements!
- [FIXED] LaTeX fonts load properly now. You might have noticed that certain special characters and large brackets weren't rendering correctly. That is now fixed!
- [FIXED] When creating a new file, the file name is no longer automatically capitalized. This was causing problems with hardware keyboards and was not consistent with the behavior of the Files app.
- [FIXED] Changed all references to Markdown Pro to Blockquote.
- [FIXED] Updated contact details.

Note: Due to the rebranding effort, the privacy policy RSS feed has moved to a new URL. Check Blockquote's privacy policy on the web or in the app to get the new link and update your RSS reader.


4.6(满分 5 分)
18 个评分

18 个评分



终于找到一款支持坚果云同步的markdown app了,只要下载了坚果云app,在这里可以一键开启。界面也很简洁,功能够用。




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