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How to CheckCheckCin?
Ever wonder what you should and shouldn’t eat to improve your health? This app is designed using traditional Chinese medicine principles to help you easily identify what dishes and ingredients are suitable for you!

1. Take our 2-minute questionnaire to find out what your body type is.

2. According to your body type, the app is designed to display dishes with a simple 1-to-4-star rating system, from our database of over 3000 dishes from many cuisines and over 1000 types of ingredients.
3. You can even record what you have eaten in our diary and mark your favorites for future reference!
4. You can also create multiple profiles to keep track of food recommendations for your family and loved ones.



版本 2.0.0

The CheckCheckCin mobile app now allows users to pre order drinks and manage membership points. You can use this app to conveniently check your points in real time and view past purchase history! Make healthy living a habit today.

App 隐私

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