iPhone 截屏


Have you ever felt unsafe walking home alone after a night out?

Have you ever called 999 for an emergency, only to find help has arrived too late?

Have you ever found your restaurant in immediate, sudden danger?

With City Bodyguard, you are one tap away from saving a life. We are a groundbreaking paramedic and security platform with a one-tap user experience - which in turn initiates an unprecedented, 4-minute response. We step in where others have failed.

Utilising Google Maps, our bodyguards will be able to instantly locate your whereabouts, and arrive at a moment's notice. City Bodyguard is committed to ensuring we provide the most appropriate, lifesaving response to any form of threat.

Your peace of mind is one tap away with us. Download our lifesaving app today and finally feel free, confident...and safe.

City Bodyguard is currently available in Belgravia and Knightsbridge in Central London.

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