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Cizzr is a new kind of social media.
Cizzr is breaking down social barriers.
Cizzr is the face of mental health.
Cizzr is the power of community.

We've developed a new type of social media. A free, personal therapist. Today, people struggle with letting out their own emotions to their peers. Today, people are forced to forgive therapy on account of its high cost. Today, people fear the acceptance of their peers. Tomorrow, we hope to fix this.

A lot of the time when we are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, the best thing to do is talk to someone about how we’re feeling. Through all the years the internet has existed - we've never used the social media aspect to help people, rather it's only deterred people. On our app we pride ourselves on saying "cut the bullshit."

We’re trying to constitute a new network of “social connections.” Connections that actually mean something. There are several ways we do this, starting with - we don’t store any follower/following counts. We realized that in the end this only ends up hurting the egos of our users and makes us question our true value. Yet we are currently in the process of building out a revolutionary substitute for this age-old problem.

Each post on our website is accompanied with an emotion whether it be anger, sadness or just "!&$&/@8." Then once it's posted, users within range of you (filtering from 0 to 100 miles) can see your post and interact with it. We do this by our custom location filtering algorithm that let's users curate their feed and build a community depending on where they live and who they want to talk to.

Another major way we distinguish ourselves is through anonymity. We get it, not everything you say, you wish to be public to all. Users can post anonymously to prevent unveiling too much, yet other users still have the ability to interact with your post. And if you feel someone interacting with your post may be helpful to you - you can send them a message request. We’re building true bonds and friendships.

There’s a lot we’re trying to do with Cizzr. And we’re constantly improving our app ecosystem and trying to provide a more optimal consumer experience. If there’s ever something that you wish to see on this app, let us know at: info@cizzr.com.


版本 1.1

- Bug fixing.

Thanks for using Cizzr! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly.

Every update of our Cizzr app includes improvements for speed and reliability and new features.
Please continue to send us feedback, we're listening!

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