ClassyFrames 4+


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With ClassyFrames you can frame your own photos using the same frames you would find in a museum a gallery or your living-room!

For an easy start, we did put a library of more than 100 ready made beautiful classic frames is provided but you can easily customize and create your own frame by changing mouldings, mats, shadows... We even support the Berkshire Paper library so you can simulate and order the same mat from your favorite frame shop.

Now you can go way further:
- Recenter and resize your image within the frame you create.
- Use your own image as a moulding, tile, change the width.
- Add your own mat. On each side, Mats can be of different width.
- Add shadows under your frame or mat.
- Save/Recall your own frame for use on different images.

Select a load of images and apply one frame in one run!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask... We are highly dedicated to the quality of our tools and give support!


版本 2.0.0

Compatibility with latest macOS

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