DaltonLens 4+

Nicolas Burrus

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DaltonLens is a utility to assist colorblind people by providing color filters and highlighting tools. It is especially useful to read color-coded charts and plots. Here are the main features:

• Show a pointer over your screen to get information about the color under the mouse pointer, including its name.

• Grab a screen region and apply color filters on top of it. They include the daltonize algorithm to transfer the color differences into channels that are easier to distinguish.

• Highlight similar colors in the region. This is especially useful for charts and plots, and it uses adaptive filters to better handle anti-aliased line plots.


版本 2.4

New features:
• Add a HSVTransform filter with saturation boost, hue shifting and quantization.
• New help window, shown by default on startup.
• Merge the daltonize filters into a single one with a persistent setting for the deficiency kind.

UX improvements:
• Fix the color pointer overlay with small images by moving it to the controls window.
• Fix the Shift key behavior when the controls window has the focus.
• Show the perceptual distance to the two closest color names.
• Calling the global pointer while an image is already open won't close it, so the output of filters can be inspected.
• Better support of Spaces

Bug fixes:
• Fix the HSV range display in the highlight similar pixels filter.
• Fix the HSV transforms, wrongly applied in linearRGB instead of sRGB.
• Fix the RGB to LMS conversion to use the Judd-Vos correction XYZ space. No significant perceptual change, but should be more correct.

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