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DeadBox is a Ghost Hunting App for communicating with spirits. It's similar to the Spirit Box and Ghost Box, you ask questions and look for intelligent and relevant responses to your questions. You should pick a location that is haunted, as ghosts need to be there to be able to respond. Be polite and treat with spirits with respect, as they were living people once, and being kind and friendly will increases your changes of them responding.

The Ghost Hunting App DeadBox has a built-in dictionary of words, which are picked at random. It is believed spirits and ghosts are able to manipulate electronic devices, and can override the app and pick words themselves. If you are getting random responses to your questions, there may be no spirits around at the time. Or they may not wish to communicate. Try again at another time or a different location. Just like when communicating with a Spirit Box or Ghost Box, think of engaging questions.

Dead Box is similar to the Ovilus and Paratek, but with a different and more relevant set of words. And we have given the app a creepy vibe and feel to help make your ghost hunting experience more exiting. There are no advertisements, no instore purchases, and your can change the scan speed. There is a history page so you can view previously picked words, it shows the date and time they were picked.

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