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A new way to learn Chinese! It can help to learn Chinese and can correct your Chinese pronounce by AI technology for every monument! 随时随地学中文、练习中文发音!!充分利用碎片时间:)

Not like other language learning App with lots of animation not necessary, Dragontone is a simple and efficient App for you to learn Chinese and practice oral Mandarin with your time confetti.

Dragontone provide a very easy course “3+ CHINESE” to help you able to make Chinese sentences after learning 3 to 5 Chinese characters. It is an innovative and ideal lesson designed by a group of Chinese experts with years of experience for teaching foreigners.
It is well known that the Chinese pronunciation is difficult, and Dragontone can help to practice your oral Chinese by AI for every moment, Yes, EVERY MOMENT even when your Chinese teachers are not available.

Also Dragontone prepares many themes for advanced Chinese learning, such as Chinese Idioms, Synoyms, Antonym... etc.

Just try and you will find learning Chinese is easy and funny.

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