DuetCam 4+

Marcel Schmitz

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iPhone 截屏


With DuetCam and the release of the newest operating system from Apple, iOS 13, you'll be able to record videos using two cameras at the same time and save it to the device, share it online or even upload it directly to Instagram Stories.

** IMPORTANT: this app requires the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11 Max Pro or the iPad Pro with A12 chip or better to be able to use 2 cameras simultaneously.

This app features:

* recording with two cameras, the front-facing camera and any back-facing camera your device offers
* videos are saved directly to your library, similar as to the stock camera app
* apply digital zoom using any of the available lenses
* change the position of the PIP image while recording
* switch front and back cameras while recording
* browse your videos within the app
* play videos and share them without leaving the app
* share your videos as an IG story directly from the app

If you have any issues using the app please contact me at schmitzoide@gmail.com. Future versions will include multiple camera layouts, effects and other interesting features. Make sure you have automatic updates on to be the first getting all the new stuff that's coming.


版本 1.2.2

Fixed issue with iOS 13.3 and the app crashing when starting.

Note: please contact me at schmitzoide@gmail.com before rating the app with 1 star, I'm here to provide support and help you solve your issues.

Thank you all for your support.

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