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Hello, teacher. Hello, student.
The cause of education always hopes to be full of happiness.
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Activate motivation, increase interest in learning.

Interest and curiosity is an important motivation for learning, but also the most direct motivation. Students have motivation to pay attention to teaching content, to actively explore new knowledge. Learning motivation and learning activity itself has a direct link or the interest in learning about. In teaching, I sought to highlight the use of various media to create situations, with vivid, strong infection of the screen to stimulate students' interest in learning. In particular, some interference due to non-intelligence factors and poor students learning, the use of courseware after class focus, and interested in, and can take the initiative to think about teaching and learning based on content, they also tasted the joy of success.

Breakthrough teaching difficult to optimize the process of classroom instruction.

Knowledge of many tedious difficult to complete the express language, such as some science subjects are often subject research base material composition, structure, properties and changes in the law. Simply explain difficult to arouse students' representation of completeness and clarity, but also time-consuming and laborious. The use of the courseware demonstrate the characteristics of strong visual image of the teaching content placed in front of students, it greatly reduces the difficulty of teaching, shortening the time to understand the students knowledge and improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.

Increase the amount of information to improve classroom teaching density.

Success can freely courseware content will rapidly slow down, slow release of the contents of fast, small becomes big, big becomes small. For example, some large-scale factory equipment and reflect the internal structure can be used courseware vivid demonstration of it. Another example is the language you want to learn a scenery prose, can produce a large number of colorful visual landscapes, to enable students to cultivate their own sentiments in the United States to learn the text, these things are not just rely on the teacher to talk can accomplish. That borrowing Courseware This flexible and convenient interface, unable to overcome a lot of problems, speed up the transmission of information, saves teaching time and improve classroom teaching density.

In addition, with the Courseware still to be individualized, students learning ability. In short, multimedia teaching has changed, "a blackboard, a piece of chalk, a mouth to speak in the end" phenomenon, the use of modern teaching techniques to enable students to absorb the integrated use of a variety of sensory information, it is indeed a stimulate student interest and improve classroom efficiency revolution.

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