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ESP-Drone APP is a flightcontrol tool developed by espressif to control ESP-Drone, which supports flight status display, real-time control, parameter adjustment and so on.

ESP-Drone is an open source drone solution based on espressif ESP32-S2 / ESP32 Wi-Fi chip, which supports multiple flight modes, stabilize, height-hold, position-hold and more.

ESP-Drone APP communicates with ESP-Drone through Wi-Fi network and UDP protocol, which supports transmit and handle flight protocol packets in realtime. The following functions have been supported:

1. control multi-dof flight using virtual joystick
2. adjust flight parameter using setting panel

For more details, please see https://github.com/espressif/esp-drone

The source code for the ESP-Drone APP can be found https://github.com/EspressifApps/ESP-Drone-iOS. It might be helpful in development of your own ESP-Drone applications.


版本 1.0.1

1. Add Yaw switch function.
2. App logo optimization.
3. BUG fix on the settings page.

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