File Protection Pro 4+

冬洋 梁

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It's a best security software product to protect file and folder.
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File Protection Pro can restrict access to files, folders and Apps:
- Lock files,folders,Apps.
- Hide files,folders,Apps to make them completely invisible.
- Password protect files,folders,Apps.
It’s protects files and folders without altering those files and folders,your files won't have chance to be destroyed by it.
So you can regard File Protection Pro as a safe place to hide private things, no worry about snooping, Mac theft or hacking. It’s convenient to protect your important data.

1 Multiple encryption methods
Including “AES” encryption,More Faster,more secure.
2 Secure password protection.
3 Shortcut icon to open the encrypted file
4 Support Drag and Drop
5 Support for large file protection
6 Easy to use.

Supported types:

Easy to use:
With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily protect any file or folder by dragging it to the list of File Protection Pro

Password protection:
If you set a password, the next time you start the File Protection Pro, will require you to enter a password in order to open File Protection Pro.


版本 3.0.1

1、Adapt the new system to fix UI problems
2、Fix other problems

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