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Preparing for a Flight Review can be difficult because it requires a broad overview of the current general operating and flight rules as well as other topics at the discretion of the flight instructor. Flight Review Prep includes over 220 common questions with suggested answers. The pilot can select one of 10 topics for each study session.

Questions are presented in flashcard style. Graphical images are provided when needed. When the pilot views the suggested answer, they can indicate if they answered satisfactorily or if they would like to review the question again. Learning all of the questions allows the pilot to be prepared and confident for the ground component of the FAA Flight Review.

The topics included are aircraft engines & systems, aircraft performance, airport operations, airspace, avionics & navigation, emergencies, federal aviation regulations, flight instruments, principles of flight and VFR charts.

The app is free with 2 of the 10 topics unlocked. The remaining topics can be purchased with a single In-App purchase.


版本 4.0

Added new questions for ADS-B, Washington DC FRZ & SFRA, aircraft interception procedures, DVFR flight plans, 406 MHz ELTs, BasicMed, Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal system, flight simulators (FFS, FTD, AATD, BATD), runway status lights (REL, THL, RIL), Chart Supplement publication, right traffic patterns, and ATC separation of VFR versus IFR aircraft.

Revised existing questions to correct errors and obtuse wording. Revised graphical images for better clarity and focus. Removed outdated questions.

Updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina and compliance with macOS Dark Appearance.

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