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FXHighway application is your gateway to access the financial markets’ news and analysis, getting instant notifications for the breaking news and forecasts, as our professional team takes care of being your guide to get the best markets’ information.

Forex Technical Analysis:
Covering most of the Foreign Exchange market’s instruments; Major currencies, Commodities, Energies, Indices, and Crosses’ pairs.
Our professional Technical Analysis team will provide you the best accurate forecasts for the markets.

Forex Fundamentals’ Analysis and News:
Delivering the markets’ news into your mobile application, to be the first to get the notifications about all the financial actions that come out globally.
Economic Calendar is summarizing the major economic events that would affect the markets, taking care of updating the results of the monitored events to give a complete outlook at the markets.

Arab Markets Technical Analysis:
Entering the Arab Financial Markets to analyze the major indexes and leading stocks in these markets, realizing the increasing demand on the Arab Markets, our specialized Technical Analysis team of the Major Arab Markets will deliver the best expectations of these local markets, besides, fulfilling the investors’ demands to analyze their specific stocks’ requests.

FXHighway Clinic:
Now and for the first time, Fxhighway provides a specialized Forex Clinic that consists from a high qualified technical analysis and trading team, and high ability to deal with the opened positions in Forex Market.
All you need is to send your request explaining the status of the opened position in your trading account plus detailed information about your balance, equity, number of opened lots for the required pair, in addition to the number of all opened positions in the trading account.

Risk Management:
We at FxHighway, are proud to have a risk management team that combines the best markets strategists and analysts, with experience of over 25years in the financial markets, and eyes on the markets for 24/5.
Our team members are covering the markets thoroughly, to get the best accurate outlook for the trends, serving all time intervals, and offering that to the companies to assure the best performance that will maximize profits and avoid any possible losses.

Trading Strategies:
FxHighway provides direct recommendations and trading strategies for the Forex Market, as this section provides a direct signal, including a wide range of currencies and commodities. These recommendations contain exact details about the entry point and the exit points; whether with a profit or loss.
This section is controlled and managed by a group of highly qualified technical analysts that have the ability to offer high accurate market expectations. These recommendations include different sections, depending on the trading method and strategy that fits all types of investors in this market.
All the provided recommendations and trading strategies yields a very suitable return versus risk ratio for all different types of accounts.

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تطبيق إف إكس هاي وي هو بوابتك لدخول تحليلات وأخبار الأسواق المالية، للحصول على التنبيهات الفورية للأخبار العاجلة والتوقعات الفنية، حيث يتولى فريق التحليل الفني المحترف لدينا مهمة الدليل للحصول على أفضل المعلومات المتعلقة بالأسواق.

التحليل الفني للفوركس:
تغطية معظم أدوات سوق العملات الأجنبية: العملات الرئيسية، السلع، الطاقة، المؤشرات، والعملات التقاطعية
فريق التحليل الفني المحترق سيقدم أفضل وأدق التوقعات للأسواق المالية.

التحليل الأساسي والأخبار:
توصيل أخبار السوق إلى التطبيق في موبايلك، لتكون أول من يحصل على تنبيهات الأحداث المالية التي تحصل على مدار العالم.
الأجندة الاقتصادية تلخّص أهم الأحداث الاقتصادية التي من المتوقع أن تؤثر على الأسواق.

التحليل الفني للأسواق العربية

عيادة أف إكس هاي وي FXHighway Clinic

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