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In the comforts of your home, we help you analyze your health status and identify the concern areas. Our esteemed panel of health professional will guide you on diet and exercise which are an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.

I Care Health Management App is developed by Watch Your Health.Com India Private Limited for ICICI Lombard customers.


Automatic Goal Calculation
As per your age and body type, app automatically calculates goal required.

Health Score
We are dividing your health score calculation by Medical, Lifestyle, Diet and Stress. This is prime factor to access your daily routine by unique value. You have to give answers of health score questions.

Diary Meal
You can plan meal as your own way. You can add or modify diary at any time.This will calculate calories earned from meal.

Diary Activity
You can begin your Jump Start Activity from here and this will calculate calories burned. GPS tracking allows you to LiveTrack your runs, walks and more.Location will use while in app only and not in background.

Sync with Apple Health App
By accessing your Apple Health App data, we import your steps, walking and running distance data to provide you information about your calories burnt.App also imports sleep analysis for calculation of health score

Set Sleep Hours
User can set sleep hour preference in Profile Tab Goal Section.This is only for reference. This is not related to Bedtime you setApple clock app.

You can manage your EHR records easily. This will help you to show doctor your past history records completely.

Personal Measurement
You can set your height, weight, and waist in Profile Tab. For quick access we display weight on Home Screen, which is read only. Heart Rate is also displayed, if user is connected to device and is read only field.

We provide daily, weekly, monthly charts for Calories Earn, Calories Burn, Steps, Running+Walking, Water intake and Sleep.

This is more like keeping medical history in your pocket. This is optional and helpful in your day to day life.
We felt healthy lifestyle was too much difficult...... So we simplified it.


版本 1.0.9

Now take HRA like you are chatting with our latest analysis

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