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Elevate the voices in your classroom & help your students to reflect and grow!

Provide Instant Feedback – Nurture Reflection – Ignite Collaboration – Promote Equity

The animated discussion maps are ideal for Socratic seminars, Spider Web Discussions™, Harkness®* discussions, Literature Circles, or anytime students interact.

Effortlessly chart & record your students’ interactions to graphically illustrate levels.

The discussion maps, instant analytics & animated playback at multiple speeds will spur discussion & engage everyone in deeper reflection!

Focus on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) at the classroom level!

• Up to 20 participants per group
• Playback the discussion maps in real time or in fast forward
• Feedback frames to show participation by time, times spoken, gender equity, & overall equity.
• Include or exclude participants or the teacher from the data to see how dynamics change
• Select & listen to any speaker from the discussion & view notes linked to their participation
• Improved participant analytics: see each time a student spoke & playback what they said, or play from the person who spoke before/after
• Save classes & groups for easy access
• New icon colors & patterns
• Easy Zoom integration for Virtual lessons

UPGRADE TO PREMIUM with one in-app purchase to access the following:
• Up to 40 participants / group with unlimited seating options
• Quick edit feature- now on one screen
• Select & listen to any speaker & view notes linked to their participation
• Track student contributions with enhanced Checknotes & notations
• Access to 17 Checknote templates or customize them for yourself
• Save classes & groups for easy access or import from .txt file
• Export data to CSV files to track data over time


• Debrief w/students individually! Review contributions of any one student in the improved participant analytics: see each time the student spoke & playback what they said, or play from the person who spoke before/after, review notations for that student, participation data, or Checknotes… all on one screen!

• Give better student feedback! Take notes or write comments during the discussion that link to the speaker.

• Identify Markers: customize the groups w/n your class that you’d like to measure such as grade level, language level, race, seating area, or anything you’d like to see.

• Quick Edit Feature to set up your class much faster!



• Simply tap on the participants’ icons when they speak & Equity Maps will do the rest by visually charting the interactions & calculating levels of participation.

• The “Feedback Frames” provide key statistics for teachers, students or group members: time spoken, times spoken, gender equity, or customize anything you’d like to measure with the premium version.


• Enhance your Socratic Seminars, Literature Circles, Harkness® (*) discussions, or full classroom discussions
• Monitor & assess Common Core Speaking & Listening Standards, ATL, Dialogic lessons, or seminar criteria
• Promote student involvement & self-reflection


• Encourage deeper reflection of your group’s goals, norms & processes
• Give your boss an Equity Check & share how equitable your last meeting was
• Critical Friends Group® coaches & facilitators (CFG work) or in PLCs


EquityMaps® is a registered trademark at the USPTO / U.S. Pat. No 10,553,129

*EquityMaps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy & is not affiliated in any way with the academy.

Critical Friends Group® is a registered trademark of the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF®)


版本 4.1

• We fixed a few bugs from v4.0

• Debrief w/ students individually! Review the contributions for any one student in the newly improved individual participant analytics: see each time the student spoke & playback what they said, or play from the person who spoke before/after.

• Group / Individual analytics – Include / exclude any participant from the data to see how the dynamics change

• New icon colors and patterns, enhanced layouts, sorting and renaming options.

• Upgrade to Premium for the same price as before and get access to dozens of new features!

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