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One Tehillim is a new take on Sharing, Saying and Praying Tehillim. One Tehillim allows you to create, share and inspire others to say Tehillim. With groups, you can now create and share links to your groups.

Get notified in the event of an emergency and always stay on top of everything going on in our community.

Your location is used in the ground to determine sunset times.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


版本 5.0

In our biggest update ever, we are proud to bring you a slew of new user features and under the hood improvements.

With gratitude to Hashem, we have all reached over 1.5 million total chapters said in One Tehillim. This accomplishment could have only been possible with the support of the entire community and it's Rabbis who have supported this movement. These Rabbis include but are not limited to:

Rabbi J. Haber
Rabbi E. Bitton
Rabbi M. Malka
Rabbi Zeytooni
Rabbi D. Semah
Rabbi Ben Haim

May Hashem bless them and continue to give them strength to help better our community, Amen.

• Quick Chapters
With Quick Chapters on the top of the main screen, you can now see which chapters need to be said on the day of the week as well as the day of the month.

• Special Prayers
On the Prayers tab on the main screen, you can now select from a multitude of categories. These categories help you find prayers to say in times of need or in times of thanks. Tap on the category that appeals to you at a given time and see the chapter that corresponds to the prayer needed.

• Chacham Baruch Z"TL
With tremendous gratitude to Hashem, I am honored to announce that Chacham Baruch's Z"TL audio recordings of all 150 chapters of Tehillim are now inside each chapter. Follow along with the Chacham to learn the correct pronunciation of the words as well as to hear the Rabbi explain the chapters to you. I would like to thank the Ben Haim family for allowing me to use the Chachams audio recordings in our app to help our community in a big way.

• Before Saying Tehillim
We have added a prayer that one should say before praying Tehillim. It will be considered the first chapter before Chapter 1.

• Dark Mode
One Tehillim now lives in the dark. When Dark Mode is enabled on iOS, One Tehillim intelligently switches to dark mode for easier reading.

• UI Improvements & Big Fixes
New color scheme as well as a new home screen layout.

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