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(Apple Design Award Winner, 2021)
A great music video has 3 elements:

1. A song with beautiful melody, rhythm and expression
2. A backing instrumental track that adds a rich flavor
3. Professional recording and mixing

Just decide on your song, and let NaadSadhana do the rest! It'll help in
1. Perfecting all elements of your song, from notes, rhythm, and lyrics, to expression, and improvisation.
2. Creating live music on a dozen instruments with a trillions of musical variations, and
3. Recording and mixing your song with studio quality!

* Live Music using Artificial Intelligence
NaadSadhana will create and play music automatically as you sing or play, on 11 Instruments, 8 Genres, using artificial intelligence.
Tabla, Drone(Tanpura, Surpeti), Melody (Swarmandal), Harmony (Violin, Piano, Harmonium), Percussion (Manjira, Ghungroo, Shaker, Metronome)

* Audio/Video Recording & Mixing Studio
NaadSadhana records HD Video* and studio quality multitrack audio with In-ear monitoring, Mixing & Effects Studio. Publish like a pro, on the go!
(*HD video on supported devices)

* Note and Beat Guidance
Everything you need for the perfect practice session is absolutely free!
NaadSadhana guides your notes and tempo using visual-biofeedback. Tanpuras, Surpeti, Precision Tuner with 3 levels, Score and Statistics, 27+ styles of Metronome, Beat Gauge, 5-Octave Scale-Changer Keyboard, 200+ Ragas/Scales, and much more.

* Songs - Sharable, Searchable and Synced songs
Save your songs with all settings, instruments and even add lyrics and notes. Search, sort, share, import and edit songs.
The song playlist helps you create a song lineup and also suggests songs to practice intelligently based on your song history.

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版本 8.5

New in this version:
- New Advanced Controls to change tabla tuning to Shuddha Madhyam or Pancham.
- Smarter Song suggestions, Improved Warnings
- Fix for iPad magnetic cover interrupting audio when closed.
- UI improvements

Recent updates:
* Improved ergonomics and UI design
- Tempo button now moves from the header to the beats toolbar on the bottom, with the taal/rhythm, solo and beats play buttons.
- Raga/Scale, notes solo and notes play button are now in their own toolbar.
- If recording audio, the button to stop recording is now available on the top right corner.
* 4 New Ragas: Raisa Kanada, Madhmad Sarang, Gaudgiri Malhaar, Dhulia Malhaar
* New Intelligent Taal - Chartaal ki Swarai (11 beats)
* New Intelligent Taal - Matta Taal (9 beats)
* A ground-up redesign and rewrite, and is now next level, in every way

Details for the curious:
- A brand new discoverable design of the Home Tab - just scroll to the right and reveal all features.
- Completely redesigned instrumental accompaniment intelligence that’s faster, creative and subtle.
- Sweeter, richer instrument sounds and modulation
- Huge performance and battery life improvements
- Data protection for recording sessions even if the phone or app dies
- Songs database - song presets with lyrics, notes and tags, searchable, sharable with iCloud Sync.
- Songs queue - one tap song presets.
- Smart Song Suggestions - The app learns patterns in your music sessions, and intelligently suggests songs in the songs queue.
- (iOS 15) Video Recording now also records a transparent overlay with notes and beats gauges.
- Raga information panel
- Accessibility and Voice Over improvements. Intelligent Magic tap actions based on context.
- MacOs app (coming very soon)
- More languages (coming very soon)

And a whole lot of goodies:
- Mic input selection (tap the mic)
- Raga selection has a fast alphabetic scroll
- Fractional beat metronomes
- Dual octave Tanpuras (Melody Settings)
- Tabla-Dagga Tone Balance and Bass Boost (Rhythm Settings)
- Lower octave ‘Sur’ Tabla for C-E pitches
- Stereo panning controls for all instruments
- 100,000+ new rhythmic improvisations.
- Faster and more exciting swarmandal and harmony responses using complex phrases and chords
- Recorded session scores in Mixes Tab
- Improved voice recording (intelligent eq/compression and cleanup)
- New settings per section - Guidance, Melody & Harmony, Rhythm & Percussion, Studio
- Redesigned experience for video recording with song lyrics
- Improved scoring accuracy when singing fast, energetic phrases
- 5 octave scale-changer smart keyboard with tone controls, better tone, and more.
- 6 New ragas: 2 versions of Bhatiyar, Begada, Nattai, Gambheera Nattai, Bhupalam, Haveli Basant
- Music Detection sensitivity setting (in Guidance Settings)
- and lots more!



3.3(满分 5 分)
3 个评分

3 个评分

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