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"On average, we have 29,000 days to live. You can choose how to make them count."
Therefore, 29k: Your Mental Health app makes it easy to access science-backed tools and find support for mental health and personal growth for those days. In addition, users experience a personalized journey with a supportive community without the fear of additional financial costs, e.g., absolutely no in-app purchases or advertising in the app.

This app is available when you need quick relief or going through life changes and personal growth.

Choose bit-size exercises, meditation, or short courses for immediate relief:

- stress or anxiety
- panic attack
- relationship struggles
- overwhelming feelings and not being able to concentrate
- negative self-talk

Choose longer courses to help you deal with life changes and personal growth, such as:

- starting a family
- moving to a different community
- changing family dynamics
- starting or finishing school
- ending or beginning new employment

The courses, exercises, meditations, and various tests are designed to strengthen your mental health, for whenever life throws us curve balls or wonderful surprises.

Because we are a non-profit tech-startup foundation, we easily partner and co-create with leading universities, researchers, and psychologists across the globe from Harvard University, University of London, Karolinska Institute, and many more.

What this app has to offer:
- Science-based exercises for you to practice at home
- Bite-size activities to use when you're on the go
- Breathing, meditation, and movement exercise
- Peer support via chat, audio & video
- Group sharing where you can listen and share thoughts with others
- Safety toolkits available throughout
- Courses and other content using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), combined with deep human connection
- Narrated video and audio reflection or perspectives

Why do people use 29k:
- Know yourself better
- Calm your emotions
- Improve relationships
- Develop self-care
- Manage stress and anxiety levels
- Improve self-awareness
- Manage mental health
- Feel less lonely

"I'm a therapist, and I'm SO grateful for this resource. Great for people who are currently in therapy as a way to continue working out themselves (without breaking the bank), people who are not ready to start therapy or doesn't want to but want to learn more about themselves, and people who are done with therapy but want to keep growing. I'm enjoying it myself too! Thank you for putting this out in the world!"

Discovered this marvellous app by pure accident, but I'm so grateful that I did. It came in the right time into my life. After reading a serious of books on topics of psychology, NLP, self-help and using many meditation and life-changing apps, this one stands among my favourites. It feels very personal, non-judgemental. It's easy and intuitive to use, but not childish and it combines great mindfulness, meditation techniques, as well as psychological challenges.


版本 1.32.2

Thank you for using 29k and being part of our community! We are always making improvements to make your experience better.

When you open your 29k app, you will see refreshed home screen. We improved the visual experience to make your personal growth journey more exciting.

Also, this update includes:
- New self-assessment test on Inner Development Goals.
- IDG initiative is the greatest possible accelerator to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and create a prosperous future for all humanity.
- Improved youth content. We are here to help young people ages 15-20 to deal with adversity and stress and improve their well-being and mental health.
- Better group reminders.

And as always, we have also improved app performance through the usual bug fixes. If you run into any troubles do not hesitate to let us know at help@29k.org


5.0(满分 5 分)
2 个评分

2 个评分



We get about 29,000 days to live, let's make those days count. Start today!


A 5-day quest to make room for your feelings and experiences, without trying to escape the ones you don’t want or like.


Take a 5-minute test developed by psychologists to identify any potential sleep difficulties during the last two weeks.

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