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Macworld’s 2020 “Must-Have apps for your new Apple Watch” Phone Buddy Notifier is an Apple Watch app that alerts you when you lose bluetooth connection with your iPhone.

“All we want is the ability to get alerts on our Apple Watch when we leave our iPhone behind.” -Macworld

Step away from your iPhone and Phone Buddy notifies your Apple Watch the moment bluetooth connection is lost with your iPhone. It’s that easy.

This app is for the forgetful ones! If you’ve ever forgotten your iPhone, Phone Buddy Lost Phone Alert is the answer. Don’t forget your iPhone again using Lost Phone Alert.

Phone Buddy Alerts can be configured to display when your iPhone connection is lost, when you leave your Apple Watch behind, or when devices move apart with Distance Going Away Alerts! And for extra protection, you can enable the Lost Alert Loud Alarm to ensure you never miss a Lost Phone or Watch Left Behind notification.

If someone takes your iPhone, Phone Buddy will alert you with a Lost Phone Alert right on your Apple Watch. Lost Phone Alert is better than phone insurance since it helps prevent a loss!

Use Lost Phone Alert now and never lose your phone again!

Misplacing your iPhone is a thing of the past, find your iPhone easily using your Apple Watch with Signal Strength Monitor and Play Ring.

Misplace your Apple Watch? Phone Buddy has your back; you can trigger a sound to play on your watch from your iPhone using the Play Sound on Apple Watch feature and follow the sound to locate your watch.


Phone Buddy is compatible with the following Bluetooth LE enabled Apple Watch models running WatchOS 6 or later: Apple Watch Series 2 - Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra.
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Jason Cross. “10 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch: Take your little wrist computer to the next level with these great apps.” Macworld (2020): Web ( NOV 25, 2020


版本 7.5.0

Phone Buddy 7.5.0 makes it easier to quiet Lost Phone Alarm by simply opening Phone Buddy. This release also fixes a rare issue where Lost Phone alert would fail to start and includes support for iOS 16, WatchOS 8, Apple Watch S8 and Ultra, plus other under the hood improvements.

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虽然有蓝牙 但还是必须必须一直开着定位才能用。关定位会强制关闭报警功能。 定位耗电嘛。。。手机每小时1%。 电量焦虑。


I need a Chinese translation

I need a Chinese translation!!!

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