Bull-Cow Moose Hunting Calls 4+

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Download this app to help you have success in calling in bull and cow moose. Field proven calling sounds drives them crazy. Unlike other moose calling apps on the market, this one was designed with you, the hunter in mind. Everything is on one screen. When you're out in cold weather, the last thing you want to be doing is navigating through many screens to get to the sounds and controls. This app solves that problem.

When you start this app up, it's ready to go. The sounds on this calling app are of the highest quality and have been field-proven time and time again by seasoned and knowledgeable moose hunters, and the app itself was designed by a veteran of the game calling industry. This is the only moose calling app you'll ever need for bringing in the big bulls and cows. This app is also very useful for photographers and wildlife biologists.

You can play multiple sounds together at the same time, and it can also loop individual sounds so they play non-stop. You can use your own Bluetooth or wireless speaker/amplifier by connecting it to the headphone jack for added volume to aid in long-distance calling. This will be especially useful when calling moose across lakes and fields as you want to be able to broadcast your sounds to much further distances to bring them in to you.

Includes the following 15 sounds:
Cow Mating Calls 1
Cow Mating Calls 2
Cow Mating Calls 3
Moose in Heat
Moose Mating Sounds
Cow in Heat
Moose Fighting Sounds
Mating with Scraping
Moose Scraping Sounds
Cow Barks
Cow Cries
Moose Grunting
Angry Bull Moose
Moose Calling
Bull Warning Sounds


版本 1.0.2

Updated to support iOS 13.x
Fixed problem of sounds not playing when in sleep mode, locked, or when app is minimized
Fixed problem of app not displaying full screen on some iPads
Improved layout and design
Updated to support latest code standards
Bug fixes

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