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Simple Wolf is an app for the golf game "Wolf". The app is designed to keep track of points that are won or lost throughout the game.

"Wolf" is a 4-8 player golf game. The game begins by deciding the player order. The first player becomes the "wolf" and goes first. The rest of the players then make their first shot. If the wolf likes a person's shot, then that player joins the wolf's team. This action must be done before the next player makes their shot. If the wolf does not choose anyone, the points are doubled. Each team then takes the lowest number of shots for the hole. For example, if the wolf shoots a 5 while the wolf's teammate shoots a 4, then the wolf team's score for the hole is 4. The same would apply to the other team (the "hunters"). Once the winner is decided. The next person in the order becomes the wolf and the process repeats through the order of players and loops back to the original wolf. In Simple Wolf, whoever should be the wolf is indicated for each hole. However, every player must be set to a team before starting a hole. This, combined with a manual points input and the ability to have up to 8 players, allows for nearly any house rule to be used with this app.

Simple Wolf uses the "LibWolf" library for per-hole data storage and calculations. https://gitlab.com/defarmet/libwolf

LibWolf © defarmet, Mozilla Public License 2.0
Icon graphic © Google, Apache License 2.0

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