Euro Car Evolution Simulation 4+

Soner Cakir

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We know your interest in the Golf Series and based on this thought, we have prepared this great game for the most comprehensive Golf Series cars ever built for you.

Features Complete Golf series up to first and last model with 8 different car options. Exciting award-winning missions and missions from 30 different ones. A city with two great continents. Whether you are traveling or exploring, a big city is at hand. Customize and visualize your car as you wish with the Modified and Moding options. On the Stunt Test & Fun area map, torture your car, fly, slide down the ramps and have fun! With lots of adjustable in-game options, graphics, performance, 3 different control options, make your game whatever you want and more, have fun ...

What do you expect most from a game? Play spend time close game ...
No, this is not valid for us, we aimed to bring you such a game by putting forward all kinds of improvements and ideas for you not to do this and have fun.
We designed a big city and thought about what you want to do in that city. While we were thinking about this, we thought about the activities and features that are not found in most games, and such a production came out.

The game has a full Golf series. All Golf models are accessible, playable and modifiable as they function. There are 8 Golf models in total MK1 MK2 MK3 MK4 MK5 MK6 MK7 and one GOLF OFFROAD model!

Choose the Golf model you want, go to the task and event you want. It is up to you to buy your dream golf and do what you want.
All models also have internal driving mechanics. Unlike other games, there are no restrictions on the choice of game modes that you can play in the style and manner you want.

Can you see this much Golf model in another game? I don't think so download it now and enjoy.
We wish you good games.

This game was developed by one person. Up to 90% of all 3D Models and Scripts were prepared by Soner Çakır. Love such a great effort.


3.0(满分 5 分)
2 个评分

2 个评分

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