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ICU Drips Management is the fastest, most versatile and customizable drug infusion app! Besides being an infusion rate calculator, it allows you to add your own weight and non-weight based drugs from the user interface. It is the first to not require a keyboard to do calculations. More importantly, you can quickly make and edit your own drug lists with unique infusion / loading / concentration ranges and values. Almost everything is customizable! Even with so many features, this app was built to be FAST, practical, and intuitive. The time you save will be well worth the cost of this app!

** Please watch our VIDEO and read a brief MANUAL on the support website! **

** NEW Smart Graphs!:
1) Graph and monitor infusion rates over time
2) The graph values are based on your defined infusion ranges and units!
3) Change the graph time interval on-the-fly! Choose from 2 minutes up to 8 hours!

Main Features
1) Add and edit your own drugs from the app - quick and easy!
2) Create and update your own drug lists with customized infusion ranges and starting doses
3) Access 35+ drug summaries for commonly used infusions
4) Edit 40+ preloaded drugs with more to come!
5) Change and save units and values on the calculator

Potential Uses
1) Manage multiple infusions for multiple patients in separate lists with unique rates, units, and ranges
2) Create unique drug infusion lists for different procedures and presentations
3) Record and keep track of a patient's drug infusion rate over time


** Calculate rates and change concentrations in seconds!
** Unlike other infusion calculators, this one can be used in busy environments
** Simply enter a weight and see calculations for all drugs in a list

Easy to Use
** No more fumbling with the keyboard to see calculation results
** Most units are available ( including gtt/min with 10, 15, 20, and 60 gtt infusion sets )
** Designed to provide a pleasant user experience
** Labels and values are colored differently depending on their use

** Add your own weight-based and non-weight based drugs in the app
** Change dose, concentration, and/or units and have them show up each time you view the drug

** Have the ability to restore the original infusion rate values for preloaded drugs

Disclaimer - this app is provided as-is with no guarantees regarding the accuracy and/or completeness of the calculations and information. Much effort has been taken to reduce errors and omissions in this app. However, you must be skeptical of and double-check the calculations and information presented. In no event shall the author be held liable for consequences as a result of using this app.

KEEP IN MIND: *This app is designed for ADULTS only!*

1) Some drips are dosed by ideal body weight.

2) This app does not compensate for renal or hepatic insufficiency! The drug summary may or may not indicate dosage adjustments in these cases.

3) When a loading dose is listed, it does not mean it should be given in all cases!


版本 3.00

iOS 8 update


Long Nguyen
1.1 MB

系统要求:iOS 7.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


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