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HarvestCalc - The quick & easy way to calculate grain loss, productivity & efficiency of your combine harvester.

• With just a few steps you can calculate your combine harvesters grain loss, either as a percentage of total yield, or weight/area, or in $/area. More importantly, Harvestcalc can calculate your net harvesting cost by weight ($/t) or cost by area ($/ha).
• Use Harvestcalc to check the effectiveness of those adjustments you make to your combine harvester to minimise grain loss whilst maximising your combine harvesters efficiency & productivity.
• Use Harvestcalc to calibrate your combine harvesters grain loss monitors to make sense of what your grain loss indicator really means.

HarvestCalc - can provide the tools for a better bottom line.

Terms of Use: https://www.termsfeed.com/live/42a373f7-d989-4408-a451-199c43526930


版本 5.0.3

• Fixed an issue where crop yields were not converting to imperial units correctly

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