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The best professional application for Nine Star Ki at App Store.
An essential tool for a professional or a beginner.

The 9 Star Ki application leads you step by step through techniques and lessons to do professional predicts by yourself.

Easy and accurate calculation of your personal stars as well as the annual, monthly and daily Flying Stars.

To find your third Personal Number, you can use two methods:
1) your third Star that results from the Year and Month of your Birth
2) the original calculation system of the Flying Star of the Day.

9 Star Ki is a Traditional System that allows us to develop insight into the movement of Life Energy or Ki (Qi).
All things exhibit a certain rhythm, and by understanding this rhythm, we can better see future tendencies in individual character and personality, relationships within the family and among partners, weather and climactic conditions, and cycles of history and social change.
Originating from the low of eternal change it shines a clarifying light on past events and future probabilities and is surprisingly accurate in predicting individual and social destiny.

Working with Nine Star Ki you will be surprised by the amazing accuracy of this system.
You will begin to discover why you relate easily to some people and why you feel overruled by others.

This Application Includes:
- Exploring the 9 Magic Squares
- Annual, Month and Day Squares
- The Role of Houses and Stars
- Basic Attributes and Properties for the 9 Stars and 9 Palaces
- How to relate your Personal Stars to Luo Shu
- How to derive your three Personal Stars from your Year, Month and Day of Birth
- You Personal journey Stars through the Luo Shu Palaces
- Significance of Opposite Stars
- Positive – Negative Luo Shu Palaces
- How to Relate your Personal Stars to Luo Shu
- Changing your Personal Magnetism
- The Five Dynamics Transformation
- Nine Star Ki Divination
- Directions and Location
- How to Interpret Nine Star Ki Events
- General Attributes for Palaces and Stars
- 9 Stars and Buildings
- Your Stars in the 9 Palaces
- Forecasting of New Events
- Personal example Fate Reading
- Annual Forecasting
- Nine Stars, Earthly Branches and Directionology
- Tai Sui - Sui Po and San Sha.


版本 2.0.1

- Support for the new iOS 15.
- Various issues fixed and performance improved.

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