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Interval Runner Multi is an App for Runners that use Interval Methods. It has simple pages, easy-to-use swipe navigation, simple-quick startup, that make it easy to plan, conduct, analyze, save and share workouts. Interval Runner contains eight routines useful in different interval running situations like casual workouts, race training and actual races. For example, the Fartlek, Breakdown, and Pyramid routines are for training for a short race like a 5K, while the Long Trainer and Progression routines are for training for a long race like a half-marathon/marathon. And the Race routine has AutoStart and AutoStop features that automatically start/stop the Routine when the runner crosses the Start and Finish lines of a race. Interval Runner comes with free-access to the Interval Runner Server that has several upcoming Half Marathons routes including Start Line and Finish Line locations. . Each routines has its unique Settings, like Run time and Walk time, that are saved and recalled automatically each time the runner selects that routine making starting a workout quick and simple. When planning a workout or race, Interval Runner can display a route on a map and simulate the workout to familiarize themselves with the route, the routine and the routine settings. After the workout, the runner can save the entire workout track right on their phoneIf no route is available, Interval Runner allows a runner to create/edit a route using a mini-route editor. During the workout, the runner can listen to music, Spotify for example, while they hear Run/Walk instructions, sounds and periodic announcements of distance, time, pace and comparison to a personal goal. After the workout the the runner can analyze their workout using a table (minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile or interval-by-interval), or a map, post to Facebook(or other social media), or export a GPX file. Interval Runner can save, on your phone, complete workout tracks and routes so the runner can be fully remember previous workouts. Interval Runner does not need a website, or contain advertisements -- only requires you and your phone. More information at www.intervalrunner.com


版本 2.1.1

Easier to Read/Change Settings
Monthly Distance and Time Totals
Navigate to Home Button
Background Option


Jane Brown
10.8 MB

系统要求:iOS 9.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。



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