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"Viewing it? Internet slow Na," "line of mobile operators where will do fast? '
If you've ever thought, etc. Why do not you measure the speed of your line in this "MFR line speed measurement?"
There is no special configuration to measure, it is possible to measure the line speed easily anyone with the push of a button.

I can be checked at any time from the history of their own measurements.

In addition, I can see the results "of any carrier which iOS terminal or fast" such as so doing rankings aggregated from measurements of the user across the country.

Please use if, for example, you do a performance comparison of the new terminal.

In addition, we plan to add useful features in version up.

The line [corresponding]
3G, LTE, Wi-Fi

Communication will occur in performing the measurement. There must have been connected to any line "3G, LTE, Wi-Fi" on the case of performing the line speed measured in the present application.

Even measurements in neighboring area, you may measurement results differ significantly depending on How to Get the interference of radio waves in the measurement location and status of the building and surrounding the room.

*Measurement area and telecommunications carriers is compatible for use in Japan.


版本 2.1

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Bug fixes

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