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This App is for subscribers who have received the car. If you want to subscribe to the car, please visit https://www.mgsubscribe.com/
Subscribers can use this app to manager their subscription
MG Motor Shared Subscription is the transformational fractional car ownership program by MG Motor. An average car remains idle 90% of the time, making it one of the most underutilized assets a person owns. With MG Motor Shared Subscription, individuals can subscribe to a car, and share their car when not using it. By sharing the car, subscribers can earn upto 70% on your monthly subscription fee. With the Key-less entry feature, sharing is contactless.
All a subscriber needs to do to share his car on Zoomcar Renter Platform is to create a Listing on the MG Motor Shared Subscription App, by specifying the time duration when the car is available for sharing, and the location it would be available at.
After sharing the car, you will be notified in the app about the bookings on your car & the revenue earned.

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