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Full-blown solution for managing expenses focused on security and defense of your private data.

Download now and start managing your expenses.

My Expenses Manager - is a full-blown solution for managing expenses focused on security and defense of your private data. The app does not need any network connection and works on your device locally. All data is stored in a secured vault which can be managed only yourself. Setup a password and do not allow anyone to steal your data.

# Secured
All app data is storing in a fully secured vault, which can be managed only by you. Expenses password protection adds additional functionality to control access to the app. The expenses cannot be managed without entering the password if you set up it.

# Exportable reports
The app can prepare smart reports, which can be generated fully on your device and without sharing your data with third-party services. Each expense report can be in different file formats, which makes access to it more scalable than you have before. Reports can contain expenses with different currencies, which give more scale in analyzing your money productivity.

# Doesn't need any network connection
The app is working without any network connection which means that your private data won't leak out from your device. All your money history is storing directly on your device.

# Doesn't share any user data with third-party services
My Expenses Manager does not make any network requests and works fully on the device.

# Instant management
Manage expenses instantly directly in the app.

# Lots of currencies
Create expense based on different currencies.

# Lots of categories
Expenses can be ordered by various categories.

# Embedded trash folder
Removed expenses moved to the trash folder, wherefrom it can be restored or fully removed.


版本 1.5.2

* Removed advertising
* Important performance improvements
* Bug fixes


Denis Kurmashev
23.5 MB

需要 iOS 9.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。



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