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Just because something’s always been done that way, doesn’t mean that you have the best approach! As technology advance, a lot of the work that we have been doing can be automated. Imagine that your operation process can be simplified and yet improving accuracy, efficiency and data transparency at the same time. This is the core value of our solution.

As NFC becomes widespread and now readily available to both the consumer and business BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications. We provide an exciting mobile technology for enterprise and field mobility offering:

1) Electronic proof of presence - Simple check-in and check-out for fast and easy time and attendance. Confirm locations in areas that are remote or without connectivity.

2) Streamlined workflow - Direct employees to perform tasks once they have tapped an NFC tag, even auto-fill your “Mobile Form” with pre-populated field or asset information.

3) Improved data accuracy - Automatic identification of assets, equipment, or locations. “Mobile Form” can only be completed with physical interaction by staff.

4) Improve accuracy and efficiency - reducing errors and time lost associated with transcribing data to back-end systems. Once “Mobile Form” is completed, data is already up on the server, therefore management can get access to the real-time information.

5) NFC can accurately locate the field personnel or equipment location indoors or outdoors, when GPS and other location services may not be available.

6) Monitor and document the progress of work in the field and communicate data to back end systems in real-time, or as soon as connectivity is reestablished or at predetermined intervals.
Any industry with field staff, remote assets or inspection/service tasks may find that NFC technology could greatly increase their efficiency, accuracy, speed of operation and quality of customer service whilst significantly reducing costs.

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