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Notebooks is a writing app, a text and markdown editor, your personal Wiki and Zettelkasten, a file organizer, task manager, PDF and eBook creator and more. This may sound like a lot, but consider you have a few text fragments, randomly created, which you want to combine into a chapter of a book and saved as PDF or eBook; or a quick note sparks off an idea, generates a couple of tasks, each of which requires you to organize further research material; or you have business related documents which need to be separated from private diaries, records and files. – With Notebooks you handle these jobs easily without switching apps, and while remaining focussed and creative.

• Notebooks stores all your documents as regular files in standard formats. You are always in control of your documents, never need to worry about how to export them, and they remain compatible across devices and over time.

• Create formatted documents with styles, attachments, tables or checklists, and add a table of contents if you like. Choose between a variation of ready made document styles, or create your own, if you want.

• Write your documents in plain text and allow Notebooks to automatically handle lists, highlight and center the current line on screen, automatically insert closing characters for (, {, [, " and more. - Plain text is a universal format which can be used on any device without any specific software.

• Use Markdown to create formatted documents from plain text. Notebooks supports *MultiMarkdown* and its own flavor of *Discount*. – Click any word in a formatted Markdown text and start writing at that position. You can even create checklists (- [ ]) and tick them off in formatted view. Syntax highlighting and a set of dedicated extra keyboard keys make Markdown editing easy.

• Use your Apple Pencil to sketch ideas or annotate images and PDF documents.

• Use Notebooks' advanced editing capabilities to work on documents which are stored in other apps.

• Compile selected documents or the contents of whole books into a single document, an eBook or a PDF document.

• Link between documents in Notebooks. In Markdown you can even use Wiki style links ([[ ]]). When clicking a link to a document which does not yet exist, Notebooks suggests to create it. And when you move or rename documents, Notebooks makes sure the links remain intact.

• Create as many books as you need to structure your projects and details. Nest books as deep as you like, there is no limit in Notebooks. If you ever loose track, Notebooks' full text search helps you quickly turn up even the most hidden document.

• Turn books into task lists to display document as tasks which can be ticked off. Assign due dates and alerts, and divide projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle.

• For simple lists you can use checklists in formatted documents and Markdown.

• Assign Context tags to books and documents to create shortcuts that are accessible for a smart book at Notebooks' top level. – Notebooks can even extract context tags from the contents of documents as you create them.

• Import all documents and files you want to keep close at hand, no matter whether PDF, email, web pages, MS Office or iWorks, photos, videos, music and more.

• Scan documents and extract text using OCR (iOS 13)

• Sync files between iPads, iPhones, Mac or PC.

With all that, Notebooks may quickly become your one and only app for everything you want to keep close at hand.

User Comments:

“Notebooks is a wonderful App, which is so much better than the dozen other note apps I tried. It is sophisticated, in an unassuming way, so that you find yourself greatly rewarded and being productive without sacrificing time/effort to the App. I cannot tell you how much productivity I have gained. I am having a huge amount of fun, I use it constantly, more than the phone on my iPhone in fact."

“You are GTD in every way that makes it efficient and makes me efficient.”


版本 12.1.1

This update addresses an issue in which Notebooks 12.1 was too aggressive in cleaning attachments and embedded images. Upon launching this version for the first time, or when switching to a different storage location, Notebooks 12.1.1 will refresh all links to ensure that embedded images are referenced correctly. - If you notice that embedded images went missing after the update to Notebooks 12.1, please take a look at Notebooks’ Trash to put the images back.

The update also addresses a potential issue when trying to open Notebooks' "Write & Edit" settings

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


4.3(满分 5 分)
8 个评分

8 个评分





I am sorry to hear you are having troubles syncing with Notebooks/Mac. Notebooks 10 supports the same sync option that the "red" version has, so it is supposed to sync with your Mac without any issues. - Please make sure that the settings are identical, but if you continue to have problems, just drop us an email so we can look into it.


不能与Mac同步 Can't sync with Mac from iCloud

I bought both Notebooks for Mac and for Pad. But I found it is not able to sync from iCloud automatically between Pad and Mac.
How can I solve this problem?

xiao ya x x h



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