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With NotesHub your notes truly belong to you and are not tight to any particular vendor. All of your data is stored in Git repositories, so you can clone and manage it outside the app.
In addition, you can use iCloud Drive to store and sync your notes across all of your Apple devices.

Use the power of Markdown to format your notes, and create tables, lists, images, etc. Markdown will help to keep your notes in the same style regardless if you copied text from the internet or wrote from scratch, so no more different font faces, font sizes, or colors.

Use Kanban boards as a tool for workflow visualization, which is designed to help bring clarity to your work progress and enhance efficiency.

== Key Features ==
- Works offline
- No vendor lock-in
- Periodic sync of data
- Fully cross-platform
- Adaptive UI
- Git notebooks
- GitHub notebooks
- iCloud Drive notebooks
- Local notebooks (non-syncable)
- Seamless GitHub integration
- Notes printing
- Export notes to PDF
- Kanban boards
- Dark and light themes support
- Markdown preview with scroll sync
- Move/copy notes across notebooks
- Attach/upload image file on paste from clipboard
- Attach/upload an image file from the local disk/storage
- Convert HTML content to markdown on paste from the clipboard
- Editor toolbar with all necessary commands (bold, list, table, etc.)
- Markdown syntax guidance
- Automatic merge conflicts resolution

==Frequently Asked Questions==

Q: Why should I write my notes in Markdown?
A: Markdown is a widely popular open format with support in many applications. By choosing Markdown you can be confident if you decide to switch to a different application you can easily move all of your data without any conversion needed. Also, Markdown is incredibly easy to understand even in raw view as it's just plain text content with human-readable syntax. Last but not least, Markdown helps you to keep all of your notes in a uniform format, with no more mismatches in font size, font face, etc. when you import data from different sources.

Q: What are the benefits of using Git to store notes?
A: You will get a lot of things for free:
- Unlimited version history, and information on when and who did what changes
- Ability to share notebooks with others, you can add anyone as a collaborator or viewer to your Git repository
- Easy self-hosting with plenty open source options, so notes will truly belong to you
- Better merge conflict resolution compare to traditional cloud-based file storage solutions
- Ability to create public websites/blogs from your notebooks


版本 2.9.0

Kanban board improvements, file sorting, and more:

- Feature: Kanban cards now have two new fields: due date and estimates
- Feature: Now you can sort your folders and files by name and type


5.0(满分 5 分)
1 个评分

1 个评分


I very like this app.

Most bugs are fixed now, but the note save bug still exists. I think it will be fixed very soon.

And I hope this app could support i18n in the after update.


Inability to discard note changes bug has been fixed.

Chines internationalization has been added too.

Please join other git website in future

github sometimes can't be connected in china.


Please update to the latest version, now you have ability to clone Git repo from any service (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, self-hosting, etc.)

In the Create/Add notebook dialog select Git provider instead of GitHub, specify username, password and HTTPS clone url.

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