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Clinton Lightfoot

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The only alarm clock you are ever going to need to wake up in the morning.

Have you tried various alarm apps but they haven't been up to the mark?

Then you must try Odd Alarm – an alarm mobile app for those who are fed up of their habit of oversleeping and want a solution once and for all. Aside from having the usual clock functions like setting time, timers and counters, for the main alarm function, Odd Alarm allows you to set custom sounds that are really disturbing.

Odd Alarm annoys you out of your sleep, literally.

You can set an assortment of crazy alarm sounds, for example, you can set an alarm that sounds like a dog about to puke. Nothing gets you out of bed faster!

You can set alarm tones like glass breaking, angry cats fighting, someone banging your doors, Devil dog (you have to hear it to know what it is), a girl screaming no, and an assortment of outrageous and revolting sounds that aren't exactly pleasant to hear first thing in the morning, but definitely do the job of waking you up, out of your wits sometimes.

As you can make it by now, the purpose of Odd Alarm isn't to wake you up gently and pleasantly. No, the purpose of the app is to WAKE YOU UP, and that's it. The app is definitely not for the fainthearted.

Are you in the habit of snoozing your alarm multiple times? No matter with how great a resolve you go to the bed the previous night, in the morning, you run late because you snooze your alarm multiple times. This is because you haven't woken up yet and in sleep, your ultimate priority is to go back to sleep. This is why you are desperately looking for an alarm that actually works.

Although Odd Alarm allows you to snooze the alarm, there is also a complicated routine if you want to turn off the alarm. You cannot turn of the alarm simply by tapping or swiping an icon. You will need to chase the morning sun to turn off the alarm.

What is it? Install the app and try it yourself.

The app comes with all the necessary functions to make your alarm clock as purposeful as possible. It is a complete alarm clock with the only difference that it comes with a slew of highly disturbing ring tones and alarm tones to jolt you out of your slumber.

The dog sounds are specially motivated from the experiences of dog owners and pet owners.

You can easily amplify and adjust the volume of the alarm.

Don't want to leave anything to chance and want to make sure that you wake up in the morning? You can turn off the snooze function so that the only option you have got is, wake up.


版本 1.0.5

Minor bug fixes

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