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With ODD Ball, making music quite literally becomes as easy as bouncing a ball.

The ODD App is at the heart of ODD Ball. Pick any sound from an expansive audio library of drums, keys, guitars and effects from any genre, play over your favourite artists and tracks, loop and make beats, sing on top of your tunes and finally share and create tracks with your friends.

With ODD there is no limit, you can play with multiple balls at the same time and master your beat bouncing skills, to show off your moves.

Sound Library:
The ODD App comes with an expansive sound library, to satisfy anybody’s taste. You can choose from traditional drums, electronic synths, keys, guitars, basses, Hip Hop and Grime inspired beats, or any other ‘Odd’ sound under the sun. Every sound reacts to bounce in different ways and can be totally transformed with the Pitch Slider - have a go and explore all the sonic possibilities in your hands.

Play over a track:
When you are starting out with ODD Ball, the easiest thing to do is to play over a track. We created a series of presets called Quickplays, which will automatically load a backing track and a set of cool sounds for you to get playing straight away. The App is compatible with music-streaming apps, such as Spotify or Apple Music, which means you can listen to your favourite artists and play along with ODD Ball at the same time.

Record and Loop:
The Loop Wheel is one of the most important features on the app and allows you to create you own tracks. When you press the rec button, the App will start recording all the beats you are bouncing down and automatically overlay the different sounds you play, to easily create cool sounding tracks.

If you ever encounter a creative block, shuffle is there for you. This special features allows you to shuffle the sounds you are bouncing with ODD Ball while you are playing or recording - you will end up creating tracks that you would have never thought of before, shuffle helps you go with the flow.

Record your own sounds:
The Mic-in feature allows you to record any type of sound around you and turn it into an instrument that you can play with ODD Ball. Try using the Pitch Slider to transform what you recorded to create something completely unique, and if you dare, you can even record yourself singing on top of your tracks - you might be the next Drake.

As your tracks build up you might want to add some flavour... some texture. With the built in effects: Space, Freak, Glitch, Gravity and Warp, you can add a unique spin to the composition you have created.

Save and share:
When you are happy with a composition and want to show it off, the button in the bottom right hand corner allows you to save or share your tracks directly. You can share your track as an audio file, so that everybody can listen to it on your social channels, or as a project, if you want to create and build up tracks together with your friends.

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版本 1.0.11

Update to support latest iOS, performance improvements and bug fixes.

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