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The OTOGE Elections Manager has been designed to connect the great people of Kwara State with their leading Presidential and Governorship candidiates of choice in the 2019 General Elections - President Muhammadu Buhari and Abdulrahaman Abdulrazak. It announces in no small measure the readiness of the APC under the focused, people - oriented leadership of Abdulrahman Abdulrazak to free the people of Kwara from the dark days of deliberate impoverishment to enlightened, sustainable prosperity.

Download the app today to enjoy unfettered access to Abdulrahman, a man who has a date with history to liberate Kwarans from the clutches of imperial dictatorship. Download the app for the sake of our youths and unborn children in Kwara. While actively protecting your votes with the innovative features of the OTOGE App, Kwarans are now set to enjoy the benefits endowed by technology for growth through direct connection with their Abdulrahman Abdulrazak because OTOGE!

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