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Pixelizator is a design application that executes a single particular task in a straightforward way : Transform each image pixel in a vector shape.

Select the size of the pixels in the final image, the corner radius, the gap between pixels… among other parameters.

Computed picture can be saved as a PNG file or in vectors format if the "Export to PDF" feature is installed.

Display the Store window to purchase the Export to PDF feature.

PDF pixelized pictures can make great posters or backgrounds for your designs.


版本 1.3.1

• Magnification is on, either with the trackpad, or by scrolling while pressing the control key
• No more ugly open and export buttons on the main window. Open, Save as image or pdf are now in the file menu.
• Improved memory usage and processing speed
• Output is limited to 1000 x 1000 pixels, which represents 1 million vector shapes. Not so bad.

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