iPhone 截屏


It is a collection of games that you can enjoy together with your friends.
After one person creates a room, other friends simply scan the QR code through the "Find Room" to enter the room, and they can immediately enter the same game room and enjoy together.

If you have played with friends at least once, you can become online friends through the "Friends" and send and receive messages with each other.

- Single player records of 'Tap It!' games are not stored to prevent cheating.

- An internet connection is required to play the game.

- The ranking is reset once a week. However, past ranking information will also be available for viewing on the website or in the game.

- The Social Level will be rise according to the number of friends you played with.

[Required access]
camera permission - Permission required to enter the room through the QR code.

[Patent (South Korea)]
Patent registration number : 10-2016-0102819
Patent application details : Online group creation method and program using offline identification code

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