Political Coordinates 4+

Malek Dudakov

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Political Coordinates are the most popular and inclusive way to display ideological spectrum. They use two axes: one measures politics based on social and personal opinions, the other prioritizes economic preferences. Political Coordinates have four major sections: Authoritarian Right, Libertarian Right, Authoritarian Left and Libertarian Left. Any existing ideology can be put in one of these sections.

Political Coordinates app gives you an opportunity to pass a comprehensive test to discover your position on the chart.

With this powerful app you can:
• Find out your actual political stance on coordinates.
• Use quick mode to swiftly pass the test and show rapid results. This would be handy for example while dealing with your apolitical friends: you definitely don’t want to make them bored.
• Use full mode to achieve the most precise result. This is recommended for real political nerds [both modes are available in the Full Version]
• Learn more about ideology that closely aligned with your views.
• And, of course, share final results on social media. Let the whole world know about your political position!


版本 1.2

Updated to Swift 5.0

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