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With Pushetta is really simple receive realtime notifications about events, alerts, news and so on. This App is the client of Pushetta API, it works in a really simple way: You need to send realtime alerts? That's right, simply subscribe to Pushetta web site, crate one or more "channel" and publish messages to it.
Pushetta borns specifically to address IoT, messages can be published by hand, from the site or using a simple API with samples for many environments and languages (also from Arduino).

From the App search one or more channels You are interested in and subscribe them, every time a message it's published on a subscribed channel a realtime push is send to Pushetta App.

Pushetta can be used for countless purposes, here some:
- Connected security system, a realtime push if a windows is opened
- Sport events: eg realtime notifications every Gol
- System monitoring
- Disasters monitoring (earthquakes, floods, ...)


版本 1.8

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Fixed crash in search.
Adaptations to support iOS 9.

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