Remind Me Faster 4+

Nick Leith

专为 iPad 设计

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Quick-entry for Apple's Re­mind­ers app, with natural language input.

Re­mind Me Faster is de­signed to make adding a Re­mind­er as quick as pos­sible. Open the app and you're typ­ing. Add a re­mind­er and you're ready to type the next. The UI is op­tim­ised for getting an idea into Apple Reminder the moment it crosses your mind.

It works with and com­ple­ments the built-in Re­mind­ers app that's already on your iPhone or iPad. Ad­ded re­mind­ers can be viewed in the built-in Re­mind­ers app.

• Set time or date alerts using natural language - e.g. "Reply to Mike tomorrow 10am".
• Set time or date alerts with as little as a tap, using preset times or durations.
• Set location alerts with a couple of taps.
• Select any of your lists, and quick-switch with left/right swipes.
• Set priority: • ! !! !!!
• Lock Screen launcher widget
• Share sheet extension
• URL scheme support
• Alternative app icons

Re­mind Me Faster is indie-made, lightweight, ad-free, and does not track you. Most functionality is available free of charge, with some extra features avail­able as one-off purchases.


版本 5.1

Version 5.1 brings improvements to share sheet, revamped settings, improved natural language reliability, and several bug fixes.

Share sheet improvements:
• The share sheet should now work in more places, and with less thinking required. Specifically:
• Remind Me Faster should now appear in the share sheet for many more apps, like Apple News or App Store.
• For apps that share a title and URL, these will be filled in the title and note fields in Remind Me Faster respectively.
• For apps that only provide a URL (such as Safari), Remind Me Faster will attempt to generate a useful title, based on the URL. This will be extracted from the last component of the URL, when possible. Failing that it will use the host name.

Settings revamp:
• New iconography, with reorganised layout and new drill-down sections for Preset times, preset locations, and natural language input.
• Preset Locations can be reordered, so you no longer need to create them in the order you want them to appear. Locations have also been migrated to SwiftData from Core Data (which you hopefully won’t notice).
• Simplified app theme selection.
• A new, optional, purchases overview screen, so you can see all in-app purchases in one place.

Natural language date detection:
• A number of tweaks made, including disabling inline predictions for the text fields, so that they no longer interfere with the date detection. This had a habit of scrambling and duplicating what you typed, which wasn’t helpful! Hopefully, no more.
• “Select next occurrence” should now work when “Auto-select dates” is disabled.

Bug fixes and tweaks:
• Updated design for natural language 'date detected' button.
• Title field now properly refocuses if you add a reminder with the notes field focused.
• Another attempt at fixing the bug where preset times would render incorrectly after crossing a timezone.
• Added minimum range to location radius stepper.
• Reworked custom date picker to better work with display zoom device setting.


5.0(满分 5 分)
12 个评分

12 个评分


add calendar support pls

It will be really nice we could creat fast todo and the date sync to calendar



Very fast for creating reminders!




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