Replay 4+

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• Toggle between using screen or camera (web cam/iSight cam) for recording input
• Portrait Mode: Include a portrait of yourself in the screen capture (web cam/iSight cam required)
• Saves output video files with audio (mic input)
• Set custom (cropped) screen size for screen recording (full screen default)
• Capture screenshot of application windows
• Control maximum frame-rate for screen/camera recordings
• Optionally include mouse click events
• Audio Support: Optionally include voice/microphone input
• Audio Support: Allows input audio device selection


Screen and camera recording made easy on Mac OS X.

Now it’s super easy to take a screen recording on your Mac for easy playback, which can be used in many different ways.  In addition, the recording can include audio narration, which will be compiled into the single resulting video file. 

You can use Replay to help prepare you for your next presentation, PowerPoint, slide deck, demo, or compilation. Ever wondered how you sound when doing a presentation that includes slides? Try taking a screen recording of yourself doing your presentation and replay it to ensure that you’re ready. Want to share activity from one of your Apps on your Mac with someone else? Then it’s easy to record it and access the video file(s).

Ever tried telling someone about something that’s happening on your Mac that may be difficult to describe? Well how about recording the screen so you can show them instead of tell them?

You can even leave it running to monitor your kids activity on the computer.

Happen to be using a MacBook Pro with a built-in iSight camera device, or a Mac with a webcam? Then you can also use Replay to record the video input directly from the camera device, for later playback. 

Replay also provides you with a preview viewer, which shows how the resulting video capture will look. Using the preview viewer, you can test various crop sizes to find the perfect fit for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Furthermore, Replay will hide itself from view when doing a screen recording – so you can focus on what you want to record without Replay getting in the way!


版本 1.3

• Now runs in the system status bar allowing full control via the system status menu
• Recordings may now be stopped by clicking on the system status (stop) icon
• Portrait Mode: Include a portrait of yourself in the screen capture
• Fixed bug where recordings would intermittently fail to save

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