Rock, Paper, Sword 9+

David Clark

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Rock, Paper, Sword is the app version of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Players must browse for and connect wirelessly to another nearby Rock, Paper, Sword player. After connecting, the player and the opponent are matched and can tap play when they're ready. Once both players have tapped play, a round begins with the classic timer, "1...2...3...Shoot!" By the time "Shoot!" appears, player need to have selected their weapon. The game then determines who one the round. Players can then go back to the fight card where their stats are updated and they may ready for another round. Avatar, Display Name are user configurable before connecting a match. Music Volume can be muted from the fight card, and game credits can be shown from there, too.

This was coursework submission for the Mobile Development Bachelor of Science track offered by Full Sail University. It is showcased here mainly as a portfolio piece to show prospective employers, to share with friends and family, and to be enjoyed by anyone who finds it fun.

The tile artwork is by a anonymous contributor of Full Sail University, the music is by Eric Matyas at, and the sound effects are by ZAPSPLAT! at App layout and logic is by me.

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