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Session is a new breed of private messenger, built on a unique network of user-operated servers spread all over the world. With no central servers, Session can’t leak or sell your data. And with Session’s private routing protocols, your messages are completely anonymous. No one ever knows who you’re talking to, what you’re saying, or even your IP address.

• Fully anonymous account creation: No phone number or email needed to create a Session ID

• Decentralised server network: No data breaches, no central point of failure

• No metadata logging: Session doesn't store, track, or log your messaging metadata

• IP address protection: Device IP addresses are never exposed to the person you're talking to or the servers holding your data

• Closed groups: Private, end-to-end encrypted group chats for up to 100 people

• Secure attachments: Share voice snippets, photos, and files with Session's secure encryption and privacy protections

• Free and open-source: Don’t take our word for it — check Session's code yourself

Session is free as in free speech, free as in free beer, and free of ads and trackers. Session is built and maintained by the OPTF, Australia’s first privacy tech not-for-profit organisation. Take back your online privacy today — download Session.

Want to build from source, report a bug, or just take a look at our code? Check out Session on GitHub: https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios


版本 1.11.18

New Features:
• Appearance based on system theme.
• Delete message both locally and remotely. Now you can recall a message be deleting the message for everyone in chats and that message will also be removed from the network, which means it won't come back by restoring the account.

• Fix notifications with no preview show "APN_message".
• Fix disappearing message doesn't work for new chats.

• Change "Support" to "Debug Log".
• Split the image attachments from the text in message bubble.
• Remote notification will follow the sound settings


4.5(满分 5 分)
37 个评分

37 个评分


Why the session is not realtime?

Why the session is not realtime?



I give one star to let you see that the software crashes intermittentl.



Thanks for your feedback. If you're able to update your review to provide your iOS version and device model, along with any other information about the crashing issue, our developers will investigate this issue. If you'd prefer not to provide that information here, you can email us at team@loki.network, or post the information in the official Session Feedback open group within the app itself (join https://feedback.getsession.org in the app).


group chat issue

Group members cannot receive messages.


Hi, this should be fixed with the latests versions of Session!

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