iPhone 截屏


The app is used to set up and configurate the physical Sofabaton remote. The app uses Bluetooth signal to communicate with the Sofabaton remote control, giving access to the full database of IR code for home entertainment devices, such as TV's, SoundBar's, DVD's, etc. Devices can be set up by searching online IR code database or directly learning from original physical remotes. The app also gives you access to customizable functionalities such as assigning unique keys to certain buttons on the Sofabaton remote or creating macro key sequences so that you can enjoy the convenience of achieving certain activities by simply pressing one button.

-Online access to cloud-based database of Infrared Device
-Universal search by device brand or type
-Automatic setup on the Sofabaton remote using Bluetooth technology
-Support both IR and Bluetooth remote protocol
-Requires a Bluetooth Smart capable phone


版本 3.0.6

1. Fix iPhone 12 navigation bar incomplete display


5.0(满分 5 分)
3 个评分

3 个评分

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