iPhone 截屏


With this application you can take the statistics of the matches, your team, even a club with several teams.


版本 1.2.1

Update for iOS 15:

-In the initial view we will have an information button, where the main novelty of this version can be activated: Shot Position. (Pro Version)

-Shooting practice: We have added a section to do a shooting practice. With it you will be able to indicate from where you make a throw and if it is successful or unsuccessful, and the percentage of the different types of shots will appear below. Then we will have a heat map view, with which we will see where you launch best from. And a view by sectors.

-Shot position: If it has been activated, when we are in a game and we mark that a player has made a basket of two or three points, a view will appear to select the exact place (if it is a two-point shot, it will only be allowed to indicate it as such and if it is three points equal). In addition, in the statistics view a button will appear above, which when you click it, we will get a summary of all the shots of both teams. In this view, we will also have the possibility to see a heat map and a graph by sectors. (Pro Version

-Share Match: Now in the statistics view, the share button will generate two files, the .csv, which can be opened with an Excel-like program, and a .statsmatch file, which can be shared with another user of the app and you will be able to open it and load the complete game on your device.

-Share Club: Now in the clubs when we open one of them, a share button will appear at the top, with which a .statsclub file is generated, which can be shared with another user of the app who can open and load the full club on your device. (Pro Version)

-Bug fixes.

If you have comments about any problem, write to us at: soporte.apps.jeronimo@gmail.com We will be happy to help you!

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