Symbar 4+

Samuel Spencer

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Quickly access SF Symbols straight from your menu bar.

View in list or grid view and then search to find exactly what you're looking for. Click on a symbol to copy its name to your clipboard.

Toggle multicolor or monochrome rendering.


版本 1.1

Symbar's first update brings a significantly improved interface (pretty snazzy if you ask me!), more information about symbols, keyboard shortcuts for common actions, and a new favoriting system.

The interface is now cleaner, providing more distinction between the search bar, symbols list, symbol details, and controls. Updated material backgrounds make symbols look even better (and easier to see) in both light and dark mode, and with any desktop background. I've also designed new app and menu bar icons that look even more at home on your Mac.

Platform availability information is finally here - as requested! You'll see which platform each symbol is available on (e.g. "macOS Big Sur 11.0+") in both the symbol detail view and when looking at symbols in the list view. Some symbols from Apple's most recent public release (2.1) had usage restrictions; those restrictions are now correctly reflected in the app.

Pressing the escape key when viewing a symbol's details will now dismiss the detail view instead of closing the app. You can press the 'f' key to quickly favorite or unfavorite a symbol. And, if you happen to need to copy a symbol's name again after clicking on it, CMD + C correctly does that!

Mark a symbol as a favorite to pin it to the top of the symbols list / grid. Personally, I find this most useful when working on a project where I frequently need to use symbols with longer names in multiple of places (some of them can get quite long!). Although it's also great just to pin some of the more funky symbols for inspiration (you never know when that "ant" symbol may come in handy)!

Thank you for all the support and feedback so far about Symbar. I hope this continues to be a useful tool for fellow developers and designers. If you have any thoughts please leave a review or reach out to me at More updates to come :)

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